Cloth diapers and all that fluff...

Welcome to Tygbolaget (a.k.a the Cloth Company)!

Webstore for cloth diapers, baby carriers and other fluff

We mainly ship to Sweden, but please contact us with specific enquiries at





190 SEK171 SEK

1,895 SEK1,516 SEK

599 SEK539 SEK

229 SEK206.10 SEK

319 SEK287.10 SEK
320 SEK288 SEK

265 SEK238.50 SEK

75 SEK71.25 SEK
189 SEK170.10 SEK

799 SEK499 SEK

549 SEK439.20 SEK

199 SEK179.10 SEK

695 SEK519 SEK

119 SEK107.10 SEK

179 SEK161.10 SEK

699 SEK629 SEK

129 SEK116.10 SEK